Sports gear, technical items, and toys

Control over plastic processing, from the granule to the finished product ready for shipping, is the common denominator in our development and the engine powering growth marked by diversification and flexibility.

Omnia Plast in Romania and Dream Plast in India are a perfect example of the versality offered by our production plants, thanks to technological choices that enhance productivity and versatility.

From the granule to the finished product

Sports footwear, from work boots to trekking gear; ski boots and bindings; footwear for cross-country skiing; ice skates; toys, technical items, and components for domestic appliances; and various children’s items.

All the products created by our production lines are the result of an industrial approach that is characterised by our capacity to create strong partnerships with business customers.

We implement your ideas

Our aim is to translate projects into practice and to implement our customers’ ideas: collaboration between our technical-sales team and the customer’s marketing department is based on a dynamic and pro-active relationship from which new solutions and business opportunities take shape. Final goal? Increasing our customers’ competitiveness.

Outsourcing of complex projects

The production capacity that Sunino Group’s network of plants offers has allowed us to become a key supplier for major international and national businesses, which turn to us, entrusting us with the complete outsourcing of complex projects.

Scarponi sci tecnici - Gruppo Sunino

Product and process quality

Injection presses for processing plastics, pad-printing machines, ultrasonic welders, automatic assembly lines and machines for thermoforming: each production hub is equipped to best respond to the specific production needs, ensuring the quality of the product and process, speed and efficiency.

The businesses that have chosen us

Processing and moulding plastics