Excellent product quality, attention to detail, optimisation and control of the processes, seeking maximum competitiveness: these are the challenges that arise and that we set ourselves in manufacturing promotional items.

Sorpresine - Dream Plast

We like challenges

Challenges that we don’t fear confronting, thanks to the experience gained over the years and to an international production network, capable of meeting every requirement and request.

These factors have enabled us to gain the trust of the market and acquire consolidated partnerships with top players in the food industry, and not just the food industry.

A competitive network

The Group’s plants in Eastern Europe – Romania, Moldova, and Hungary – and in India guarantee high production capacity, allowing us to manage big orders thanks to the possibility of creating economies of scale and to our complete control of the process.

Think global, act local

Think global, act local”: this philosophy has guided our development over the years and has allowed us to implement a conscious delocalisation, which we did by investing in the selection and training of human resources and the best technologies.

Today, this allows us to be high-performing and competitive, including in managing labour intensive activities, which are always undertaken with complete respect for and through the enhancement of local resources.

Top technology

All our plants are equipped to follow every step of the production process, ensuring high performance and maximum flexibility, thanks to using the most cutting-edge equipment: presses of 80-850 tonnes for injection moulding plastics, pad-printing machines, and automatic assembly lines.

Added value

Our customers’ satisfaction is the common thread that guides our choices: every production plan is built, equipped, and managed in accordance with the projects, developed in partnership with the customers, to whom we are dedicated. From design to line production: a 360-degree, “win win” collaboration that makes even the most ambitious goals achievable.

Processing and moulding plastics