We come from the food company packaging production sector. Product quality, the capacity to follow every step of the project – from conception and development of new items in collaboration with business customers’ marketing offices, to their manufacture – and the adoption of cutting-edge equipment and technologies allow us to be not just suppliers, but partners and a reference point for all businesses that need to share and implement specific projects.

Our customers

We are able to meet every need of national businesses in the food industry, thanks to strong know-how in injection moulding, developed by Plastic Legno, and in thermoforming.

Our customers are major food producers active in diverse sectors: cheesemaking, sweets, gastronomy.

Our products

Our moulding lines for rigid containers with thin walls (crystal-clear polystyrene or polypropylene PP) operating in the Castellamonte plant produce a wide range of items: from praline boxes to containers for fresh cheese, from cups to capsules, including tubs, punnets, and snack containers.

Our company specialises in thermoforming and produces primary and secondary packaging such as tubs, fruit nest trays, boxes, trays, and supports. Each product can be customised, with every type of surface and colour, and manufactured from different materials: polystyrene BOPS, polystyrene-butadiene (thermoplastic elastomer) PSB, polyethylene terephthalate PET, semi-expanded polyethylene terephthalate PET, and PP semi-expanded.

Width and quality of range

38 presses of 150-850 tonnes, 2 thermoforming lines, and modern plants for IML, Off-set, and Sleeve decoration allow us meet any request from the market.

We have a wide, complete catalogue of products for the food-cheesemaking industry from which businesses can choose the item that is most suitable for their own needs.

Packaging - Plastic Legno
Packaging - Falomo Termoplastici

Added value

When requested, we can assist our customers in developing new products, and this is our true strength. Our creative process involves the proposal of a first rendering of the product, according to the express needs of the customer and in line with the sector’s standards; the design of the mould and, finally, its manufacture for the global market.

The businesses that have chosen us

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