Mission & Vision

Moulding plastics

Introducing the SUNINO GROUP organisation, composed of 6 businesses that specialise in processing plastics with headquarters in Italy and overseas:

  • Plastic Legno S.p.A.
  • Dream Plast
  • Plastic Technology
  • Belgrad Rackpart
  • Omnia Technologies
  • Omnia Plast

Sunino Group

Our mission has always been to act as a strategic partner for customers in managing complex projects for moulding plastics, decorations, assembly, and logistics.

And our glocal history confirms this. Without betraying our origins, we have grown from a proud, family-owned business in Castellamonte to expand throughout the world, with a strong presence in Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Moldova) and Asia (India and Hong Kong).

Every new project launched, every new company created is born from the same need: to satisfy our customers’ requests, standing with them to achieve their business goals.

Our network guarantees us not just production capacity, but the management and operational flexibility to meet any need.


From the granule to plastic processing, through to moulding components and decorating them, to, finally, their assembly, packaging, and transport. A process that has infinite variations and that we are able to customise according to customers’ specifications.

Production capacity

Inside our European plants and throughout the world, more than 200 presses, pad-printing lines, ultrasonic welders, and automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines are at work, creating different types of products.

Custom solutions

And if this isn’t enough, we are ready to design and construct a production site from scratch together with our customers or to equip and manage plants where new products will be developed, in collaboration with design studios and with the customer’s marketing department.


In an increasingly globalised and competitive market, it isn’t just the ability to manage complex processes, generating efficiency and added value, that makes the difference. You also need an approach that ensures social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

The use of increasingly green materials and processes, a responsible internationalisation that places value on the people and resources of the region, and research into increasingly high-performance and safe technologies are, thus, the founding axes of our development strategy for the foreseeable future.

Flexibility and an approach that cuts across different sectors are our strong points and will increasingly be so. Complete protection of plastics processing and the ability to take on our customers’ needs, to transform them into shared projects and products certified in every respect (qualitative, ethical, and sustainable), constitute the common thread that links all the steps in our history and growth. It is also the basis for our continued growth, together with our customers.

Gruppo Sunino numbers

Uniting product quality and organisational flexibility with a single aim: standing with customers to reach their own objectives.

Plants throughout the world
million Euro in turnover