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Custom solutions

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Sunino Group

Our mission has always been to act as a strategic partner for customers in managing complex projects for moulding plastics, decorations, assembly, and logistics.

And our glocal history confirms this. Without betraying our origins, we have grown from a proud, family-owned business in Castellamonte to expand throughout the world, with a strong presence in Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Moldova) and Asia (India and Hong Kong).


Processing and moulding plastics

Main applications

Our customers are major food producers active in diverse sectors: cheesemaking, sweets, gastronomy.

We ensure high production capacity that will satisfy the management of big orders swiftly and with total control of costs.

Our aim is to translate projects into practice and to implement our customers’ ideas, increasing their competitivity.

Work for us

A network of businesses with a truly global and innovative vision. We are future-oriented, dynamic, and continuously growing. Sunino Group prioritises satisfying its customers and its own people. Working for us means operating on behalf of the most important firms in the food and sports sectors.