Laufer Transport

Founded in 1997, Laufer Transport is Sunino Group’s own logistics branch.

The company, in fact, takes care of managing inbound transport, between the Group’s European plants, and outbound transport, for the delivery of final products to customers throughout the continent.

Agile, quick, and punctual transport management

Laufer Transport has customs offices and warehouses both in Romania and in Italy: this ensures an agile, quick, and punctual management of international transport.
Located in the Bucharest industrial belt, near all the main distribution centres, Laufer Transport is close to major carriers and logistics operators. It is able to manage extremely tight flows, fulfilling same-day customs operations, offloading and loading operations, and departure for Italy – a market connected to Romania by an average 3-day journey.

Gruppo Sunino - Laufer Trasporti

The Group’s carrier

Getting goods to arrive in the right place at the right time is fundamental for optimising complex processes. Because of this, compliance with delivery times is imperative for Laufer Transport, which acts both as a direct carrier, strengthened by its own fleet of vehicles that includes 8 articulated lorries, and in partnership with major logistics players, to which it mainly entrusts the management of transport outside the EU.

Certainty of delivery times, quality of service

It is precisely the certainty of transport times, the company’s true crown jewel, that has convinced many big industrial groups to entrust Laufer Transport with the export of their products to Romania. Thus, the company consolidates itself as a business facilitator, as well as an essential partner for fully grasping the opportunities provided by the Eastern European market.

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